Sunday, August 26, 2012

Neil Low's Thick as Thieves Reviewed

Review of Thick As Thieves
By Neil Low

Reviewed by R. Murry

Mr. Low’s writing of Alan Stewart’s becoming an adult is persuading, where you cannot feel for the character and his plight.   Moving through each fast pace chapter after chapter, the reader is involved and can emphasize with the illegal decisions Alan makes through happenstance – one primary choice after another.

His father, a union detective in Seattle, Washington, is murdered.  This is the starting point of Alan’s self-imposed resolution to avenge his father’s brutal killing by local thugs.  In his quest, he investigates the comings and goings of his father, leading him to the union’s door.

He resolves that they are not the culprits, after kind, honest encounters with Mr. Brinkman, the union’s boss, who turns out to be a critical key in Alan’s development into adulthood.  And here is where he meets Vic, his father’s ex-partner, who becomes Alan’s mentor in street smarts, sex, crime, and murder – all on a higher moral standard than the real criminals that are out to get them.

Of course, there is money involved.  Greed and power are the motivators of the thugs’ leader, who is one of Seattle’s finest and can’t shake his Prohibition persona.  In those days, the moral ground was falsely taken by the police.   He is after thousands of gold certificates that he believes Alan’s father McAlister and Vic have – an another subplot that brings about the clashes of the law against the union.

How does this unravel?  Does Alan avenge his father’s murder?  Well, I’ll let you read the exciting collision of good vs. evil – not legal vs. illegal. 
Mr. Low does leave you hanging in a right way on a couple of minor points so you’ll read this sequel.  It’s on my book-to-read list.  Alan Stewart’s transition from young man to a young detective is a story that is a must-read for Law and Order lovers.  



  1. Great interview Roy!!! I'm so glad that you and Neil Low were able to connect and do this interview!!! Mister Neil Low has an awesome sense of humor and is a very creative writer!!! I'm certain that his books are not only very entertaining, but addictively so!!!

  2. I love Law and Order, but even if I did not, this book sounds very good. Best of Luck!

  3. As a fan of Neil Low, not only as a writer, but as a person as well, I find this story intriguing and is now on my books-to-be-purchased list, expanding my research library. This book set in my own hometown of Seattle is another element interesting me. Neil Low is such a well-balanced individual with the requisite sense of humor to deal with the many issues arising from being in law enforcement. Sometimes it's the only thing that keeps us going forward with our disparate missions.

    I love unresolved issues in a book, tangled elements which segues into a sequel as naturally as the foothills rise up to the steep incline of the Cascade mountains.

    Thank you, Neil Low, for your oeuvre of books and Roy Murray for your fine review.

    Kat McLaughlin