Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Author Margaret A. Millmore     

Reviewed by R. Murry

Imagination is a gift and putting it down on paper is a challenge.  Ms. Millmore has met that object by presenting a novel for readers of vampire and werewolf cult adventures.  She takes a group of friends brought together by fate and follows their growth into young adulthood, where they all but one, dream similar visions.

These unbelievable figments are put together through brainstorming by the group led by Clare, the narrator, and Kate, the one not hallucinating.  It is interesting to note they all believe they are going out of their minds except Kate, who intelligently helps the group understand what is happening.  Kate notices everyone’s change in behavior over the years.  In the end, they reach a common ground of understanding  - they're different than the rest of humanity.

Margaret Millmore developed her characters well.  The reader will understand why one character in the group is going to be a vampire and another will turn into a werewolf.  This is explained in conversations between Clare and Charlie a man she met in her dreams and in real life through Margaret’s characterization.    
The story is well told in detail.  It is slowly developed to lay the foundation of what will be, in my opinion, an interesting adventure series of the good battling evil – this group against the Dark Ones, who destroy humanity for their perverted end.  Good vampires and werewolves care for humanity as told in the story.

Ms. Millmore has done a fine job of keeping the reader interested.  I, being a non-believer and never thought I would read this type of book, was completely drawn in.  She kept me wondering if the story was plausible.  Now, if you are a believer, you’ll be hooked by her chronicle of young vampires and werewolves.

Links to her and her novels are below in Ms. Millmore’s interview.


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