Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Bones of Odin

The Bones of Odin                  
By David Leadbeater

Reviewed by R. Murry

If you’re a speed reader, you’ll have to slow down you’re pace to enjoy this fast pace a la Indiana Jones type adventure story.  In this action filled novel, there are more action characters than one.

Matt Drake is the catalyst that brings them all together to try and uncover The Bones of Odin.

Odin was a mythical god.  Or was he real?  A shield is uncovered, which leads to the coming together of all the pieces, leading to whether the myth is true or false.  If true, the world will come to an end when all the pieces are aligned correctly.  

Not a new theme, but Mr. Leadbeater’s version is so well written that you’ll come away believing the tale.  His participants, including selfless and intelligent Drake, give credibility to the story with their sometimes herculean feats.  Reading about this mixed batch of individuals, who overcome their fears, was entertaining.

The madness in the world confronts our heroes. They go through hell to get to heaven in traversing two continents in fighting that madness. Each individual, having their baggage, is trying to overcome their adversaries. 

Drake, with a secret service background, is trying to become a civilian, but can’t overcome his ingrained traits which are in tack and were needed to foil off the enemy.  You’ll have to read the book to understand the other characters’ challenges.

All in all, if you like action, this is a book for you.  There is lots of well written high kicking action in the novel.  I’ll follow Matt Drake on his next adventure. Will you?

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