Sunday, February 3, 2013

Voices in my Head

Poems by Cindy Smith

Reviewed by R. Murry

Genuine poetry can communicate before it is understood was T.S. Eliot’s motto for writing.   His name and motto I picked as a stepping stone because of his American fame and the appropriateness of using his motto in referring to Ms. Smith’s style, which is clear and comprehensible – no mental gymnastics required in reading her poems

I give you a microcosm of her writing technique:

From poem:  OLD MAN        (My note: Man looking back on life.)

…You are thinking of your children
    They are all full grown
    “Where are they? How are they?
    Why have they left me alone?”…

From poem:  NEW LIFE        (My note: Pregnant woman talking to unborn child.)

…I will try to show you
   The best way that I can
   How to love and respect
   The whole family of man…

Cindy Smith writes from the heart.  She, as in the poems OLD MAN, NEW LIFE, and the others in this collection of poetry, communicates in an understanding way that we all can relate to.  I am happy to say that her poems meet T.S. Eliot’s motto’s criteria for being genuine poems.

Being an old man and a father, 65 years old with two adult sons, LOL, I connected right away with these two poems.  I read them a number of times because of their theme and the easy flow of the thoughtful words.

I recommend that you purchase VOICES IN MY HEAD for your bookcase.  Take it out every once in awhile and quietly read a good-heart word or two.  These poems will take you away from your everyday life and make you feel good about yourself, or not.

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  1. I'm privileged to know Cindy via Facebook,and I know her work is special because her heart is. Very talented young lady...:)

    Thomas Rydder

  2. Cindy's poetry is exceptional to say the least. I've not only read her book I've also been priviledged to review some of her upcoming work that she graciously sent me. (we are connected through fb) As a fellow author (differnt genre) I reconize her poems are not something merely written on paper but come from the heart and soul.If you love poetry than try Cindy J. Smith's Voices In My Head, I promise you, you will not be sorry.