Saturday, March 9, 2013

Review of Playing The Coach

Review of Playing The Coach      
Written by Vonda Norwood

Reviewed by R. Murry

What is the orgasm of a positive emotion?  Awe is.  It’s in the eyes of the beholder.  With wonder, comes fantasy.  Ms. Norwood’s character, Vicky, is in awe of a man, Jake Wilson, who does what she fantasizes in doing – coaching a high school football team.

Vicky will do anything to get to work at coaching but is impeded by Jake.  Not because she is a woman, but because he is put in an awkward position which he didn’t ask for.  I won’t give you that reason because it would give away some of the plots.

What I will say is that he devised a way of eliminating the problem.  In this experiment, he leads Vicky on with a ruse of asking her, what you think is my favorite thing.  Vicky believes it’s her body.  She teases Coach Wilson to try and get what her favorite thing is – coaching football, with little by little sexual meetings.

Ms. Norwood does an excellent job at teasing the reader with their sexual encounters.  Each contact is developed to keep the reader’s attention and does its job.   The reader will relish in wanting to see what happens next sexually and will want to read on to their climax.

The story was well structured with sexual content that any reader of erotica will enjoy.  The characters come alive as sexual beings.  I read it twice to find some pitfalls, but I couldn’t find any in this short story of some new highs.    

A quick read before bed is recommended.

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  1. Roy, thank you for taking the time out to read and review my short story!!! I'm glad you didn't find any pitfalls. LOLOLOL

    I sure had a great time writing it!!!


  2. Sounds like a cute story! I am sure if there were pitfalls, Roy would have found them. Wonder if that is really why he read it twice! I am sure it was because it was a good book! Best wishes!

  3. LOLOLOL Thank you, Cindy!!! I agree with you! Roy would have found 'em! I sure like to think he enjoyed the story! Very kind of you to say so!!!
    Thank you very much!!!