Sunday, May 19, 2013

Review of The Blues Detective

The Blues Detective
Written by Andrew Peters

Reviewed by R. Murry

“…Any Blues related problem in the City of Obesity ends up at my door.” Notes the Blues Detective in one of his crime breaking solutions to a case
that comes through his Memphis office door.  A musician by night and a sleuth by day is how it’s played in a southern tone – soft and mellow - cool.

His name is Otis King and he is a crime solver who is by far the most uncomplicated human to be a crime buster: he drinks; he eats; he fornicates; and he solves problems. Music is his passion and because of that he gets the coolest and strangest crimes to solve. Some of which are not crimes at all. They are just misunderstandings that this Welshman demurs over.

The Blues Detective cases are short but sweet.  Andrew’s writing keeps your attention and imagination in the game. He’ll use a short phrases like “I re-trouser.  I ask my questions.”  You laugh and understand what he meant by putting it at that precise moment.  His paragraphs are short and sometimes a word or two.  You'll get the meaning when Otis says “I open an eye.” and moves on to “A mistake.”

Mr. Peter’s Otis King is the person telling the collection of tales that will have you laughing and thinking – did he say that?  Unfortunately, there are only ten cases to be solved in this book.  I’ll keep it in my Kindle and I'll go back and read a case or two when I need a little fun time.

Andrew Peter’s off the wall interview is below.  Have some fun and read it too.

Where can people go to read Andrew's work?
I have about ten things available now, short story collections, novellas and novels and they can all be found on my Amazon author page.  


  1. Sounds like a fun book to read! Best wishes!

  2. I agree with Roy. Andrew is a riot, and a great story teller. I'm envious of his witty abilities.

  3. Got the makings of a hit TV series. I can see this going down well with the studios. You should do a treatment and synopsis (if you have not already) and get it on the desks of the studios...good luck with the book and the series - I shall keep an eye out.

  4. Have just started to read it - from the comments above it sounds like I'm in for a treat.

  5. An excellent book and I gave it a 4 star review