Sunday, June 23, 2013

Review of Childhunt.

Review of Childhunt

Written by Faith Mortimer    

Reviewed by R. Murry

The crime is perpetrated by a man from the past at the beginning of this suspenseful novel.  Yes, the novel is about an abduction of two children.  However, it is much more thrilling than one might expect when knowing who and where the deranged perpetrator is.

Historical background of the children’s mother is suspect; the frustration of dealing with the local police is disturbing; a clairvoyant unravels some truths; and Diana Rivers puts her skill as an investigator to work.  These actions are chilling to the point that one does not suspect what might be around the next corner.

No detail is left out of Ms. Mortimer’s novel.  The characters and the local in Cyprus we know from reading other books in the series, but this novel stands on its own.  New characters are developed well to support and enhance this finely tuned additional adventure of writer, part time sleuth, Diana Rivers.  

Tensions rise and fall throughout, psychologically speaking.  Mother’s grief and her being suspect involves the reader to feel deep emotions for what she is going through.  The children’s plight at the hands of a hideous man keeps the reader involved.  The fact that the weather and the limited intelligent police force are hindering the search for the children leads to concern.

All the above and more is a good reason to read Faith Helen Mortimer’s novel Childhunt.   I hope she does not let Diana Rivers fade away.  If Ms. Mortimer does, we are grateful for her short reign as the sleuth on Cyprus.  

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