Sunday, September 22, 2013

Review of Shadow of the Realm

Shadows of the Realm
Book 1 of The Circle of Talia
Written by Dionne Lister

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

Ms. Lister has written a jewel of a young adult fantasy story for the reader who enjoys an adventure with imagination. The plot draws the reader in from the get go, by setting the ground work for a series a young reader will want to complete.

Our young protagonists are Bronwyn and Blayke. At the age of eighteen, they’re sent on separate paths towards their destiny by The Circle of Talia. Their antagonists are coming of age, again, from another realm, as our main characters are being mentored into becoming realmist. A spirit the reader will learn about as the story progresses.

The author has ingeniously interwoven morals and philosophy into the teachings of our young realmists. Bronwyn’s mentor Avruellen teaches her, paraphrased, ‘As you’ll come to realize over time…no amount of worrying will help to solve a problem for the better or the worst.’ Tidbits like this will get the reader thinking in the right direction.

After the tedious part of laying out the background of the story and the characters involved, Dionne Lister’s adventures takes off.  The reader, with the basic intro knowledge given, will be reading rapidly to see what next happenstance will develop.

This is Book 1 in the series The Circle of Talia. Ms. Lister will have the reader thinking and saying, “Don’t end now; not at this point, I want to know what will come next.”  And that is Book 2. 

The author has done her job. She has hooked the reader into her fantasy which he or she will want to continue, and they should to settle their restless minds. Otherwise, how will the reader know the end of the adventure? Buy the series to keep the flow going. It’s worth it.

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