Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Open Pillow

Story by David Rowinski
Illustrations by Dea Lenihan
Review by Author Roy Murry

This cute little story is one you want to introduce to your little ones. They will learn as the pillow develops. It grows by the numbers and meets many characters on its journey to fulfillment.

Using an easy to follow rhythm, David tells an unusual tale which can be repeated without boring a child. Dea's illustrations helps bring the story alive giving any child a delightful visual enhancement to David's words. 

Pillow arrives at its destination giving pleasure to its owner who found it in an unlikely situation - one of unused floundering in a flower bed; and we all know flowers don't need a pillows.

Delightful little book that will help your little ones learn about numbers and life.

The Eric Carle Museum of Storybook Art  recently has featured The Open Pillow.


David's interview:

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