Sunday, December 29, 2013

Review of Subtraction

Review of SUBTRACTION   
Written by Andrew Peters

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

I don’t give books stars as my readers know. But I give this novel a thumbs up.

The Professor, the main character, in Mr. Peters’ novel Subtraction does some deductions to arrive at solutions to what seems to be a single death case.This one death case multiples into many.

Oh, the Professor is a math teacher and a non-detective who deduces. In his charming way, he performs services by helping clients who have a problem they don’t desire the police to get involved in. So Mr. Paris, the Professor, cleans up a problem for a client – somewhat of a sticky wicket that mushrooms into a continuous headache.

This is where the fun begins and its fast pace. With wit, but some consider terse and satiric, Mr. Paris tells this story of love, hate, and murder. Also, the reader gets a little taste of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA and its organised crime world.

Mr. Peters’ writing is smooth and comical - quick moving paragraphs spaced and flowing into each other with ease. When Mr. Paris says something you won’t get lost in euphemisms, you’ll get the well constructed point.

It’s a quick and enjoyable read for a snowed in or rainy weekend.

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