Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Review of The Unknown (Flawed Series)

Review of The Unknown
(Flawed Series)
Written by Lara Henley

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

Misty and Drake, the main characters in The Unknown, individually tell the reader about their love story. There is nothing unusual about this other than the fact that ‘It’s love at first sight’ in the middle of nowhere going into the direction – disaster.

It is difficult to convey a love story in novel form, because many have tried, including “Love Story.” Ms. Henley attempt gets ‘A Thumbs up’ for its dialogue of the characters who express their emotions and life’s development, leading to a heart breaking ending.

At times you will have a tear in your eyes and at other moments you’ll be asking yourself ‘What are they doing?’ As they say, ‘Kids will be kids,’ and so will young people in what they call love.

Emotions are brought to a level of passion and delusion that few reach and become problematic in the beginning of Misty and Drake’s stories. The ending culminates into unforeseen events that will endear the reader to them, asking what comes next.

Lara Henley’s novel does have a euphoric tone that reaches ecstasy in her character’s dialogue, having the reader expecting a disaster at any moment. The surprise will not be when it comes, but how it happens. This is what makes this novel special.

It’s an easy read using modern technology’s ‘Text messaging’ and cell phones as emotional tools.  Ms. Henley has written an in depth novel for young adults.  Check out her current endeavors of romance.   

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