Saturday, September 27, 2014


Our conversations at bars always come around to some strange things. How it came to us talking about Gypsies, I don’t know. Do we know what a Gypsies are? A strange wandering thief is one person’s description.

According to, there are over two million in Europe, one million in the United States, and eight hundred thousand in Brazil.  They originated for Romani peoples from India and migrated to Europe. How they migrated is a mystery.

The story goes that King Braham (421 - 39) of India sent the originals out of the country because they abused his generosity.  No population numbers were given, but it would seem that they were in the thousand.

In the United States, they can be found in Virginia and Louisiana where they migrated to in the 1900s. Their tribe structure is based on the Hindu purity laws - A whole other post to be written. 

Like the Jewish population of Europe before and during World War II, Gypsies were a target by German death squads. Approximately 600,000 were killed by these squads.

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