Sunday, October 19, 2014

Go Madrid


In my travels to many countries, over twenty five, I can truly say that Spain was one of the most surprising. My wife, at the time, was from the Dominican Republic. She loved to go out dancing, dining out, or clubbing at night.

Off course, she spoke Spanish fluently, me so-so. To make this story short, we went to Madrid to visit her friend who was going to dental school. It was one of our stops on a Madrid-Paris-Italy-Madrid back home to Curacao, Netherlands Antilles. It was a trip where I combined business with pleasure.

In Madrid, we stayed at the Hotel Miguel Angel, which at the time was a fantastic buy for the gorgeous property and amenities. At the time, I was a hotel executive and I know quality for the price. We were close to the action and the museums which made me and my wife happy campers.

We went a la cart, because the company I worked for paid for room and airfare on an In-kind-basis.  It’s a hospitality business interchange of services.
However, since I’m in the know, I recommend for those not in the loop. Their rates seem reasonable and the itinerary is what I like.
In Spain, we took a train ride to Seville. It’s an important stop if you love dancing – Flamingo Dancing – to be exact, as my first wife does. 
Madrid was lots of fun and your Spanish can be nada or so-so like mine to party. I won’t say what the best is, but here you can find out:

Go and have FUN in Spain.

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