Friday, October 24, 2014

Reivew of Lionel's Grand Adventure

 Lionel's Grand Adventure
 By Paul R. Hewlett

Reviewed by
Author Roy Murry

"To be young again," we all over sixty wish we could be, but know in our hearts of the impossibility. This is my second read and review of this book.

However, we know that in our hearts the Golden Rule of being kind to one another is important axiom . This was taught to us when we were young and hopefully was interwoven into our character.

To those that have learnt that rule, they should read "Lionel and the Golden Rule" to their children, so they can understand what it means to be kind to one another no matter who they are. 

Lionel is an ugly duckling in a world that doesn't see him for what he is - a boy with a good heart.  At twelve years old, he finds a lucky charm. It's a Three-Toed-Potbellied Walbaun. Please don't make me say that again - A Walbaun.

Anyways, the Walbaum doesn't work like all luck charms should. It leads you away from your present situation and full fills your wishes on another plan - a level of inspired contentment. Lionel makes wishes holding the Walbaun which changes the world he lives for the better, and the adventure begins.

The Walbaun brings Lionel on a journey you and your child will never forget. As an adult, I enjoyed the fun too. Well written for a child’s imagination, I recommend this book to be read by both old and young.

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