Sunday, November 2, 2014

Review of The Shadow Princess

The Shadow Princess
      By Mary Hart Perry

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

When reading this novel I understood from the get-go that it was fiction. I was not looking for an accurate true crime story, which it isn’t. I was looking for a diversion and a good romance, which I know Mary Hart Perry is well versed in.

I found bought in this not so accurate story set in 1888, during the time a lunatic was murdering prostitutes in the streets of London. This background leads to an unlikely event - the commingling of a royal and the police detective investigating the crime.

Vicky, the daughter of the Queen of England and the widowed Empress of Germany, is given the task by her mother to quash the insinuations that one of the royals is involved in the crime. The queen goes off to Scotland and Vicky meets the detective, who is not Sherlock Holmes.

From here, Ms. Hart weaves her love story into the thrilling chase after the true criminal. Her lovers are Vicky and Detective Thomas. Their love is not the quick heated sexual kind but the deep routed connection that is lasting. 

This theme is plausible where social status is overcome by love. And many of these character's lines a memorable.

The novel was fast paced and enjoyable – a good rainy weekend read.

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