Friday, February 27, 2015

Apology From Hollywood

                    Apology  from   Hollywood

To my Friends, Fans, and Followers, I send my apologies for my not posting a review for February 2015.

I have gone through a transition after living the last five months in a place that I wouldn't wish on anyone. I used to live in a volatile situation where my thoughts were not considered but demeaned.

Where I lived, the other person thought he KNEW EVERYTHING. According to him, the rest of us humans are useless, his words in private. I was to be his Robin.

He lives in a vulgar, chaotic, and cluttered world of negativity. He shows the world a different face, smiling and laughing with people he ridicules in private.

Being the positive minded person that I am, I thought things would change for the better once I got a job, which he said he would help me find. He had friends he said who would help – a US Congressman and a prominent lawyer.

That help never came. I was stuck literally in a world of smoke unemployed with limited funds. He smoked in his car and his house, which watered my eyes and burned my skin. Also, I coughed constantly. 

Happy days are here now. I am free from my prisoner. He thought he was my benefactor. He was a benefactor with a price – do it my way or the highway.

I took the road back to Hollywood, Florida, where I am smoke-free and writing this in my studio where fresh air abounds.  My next book review will be a week from Sunday, March 8th or sooner – Cindy Blackburn’s   DOUBLE SHOT.

Thank You for your time. See you online.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Interview with Gabriele Napierata

Interview of Gabriele Napierata: a writer, poet, painter, artist, and illustrator.

Interviewed by Author Roy Murry

Her current novel is called: Des hare pepper or Elisha's looking for the big chicken. Here is the link to my website:

Can you tell me a little about yourself?

I was born in the time of the winter storms, before the great flood in 1962 in Hamburg Germany / Kiel, in the sign of Aquarius. Since the age of four draws, and paint I still in school writing and poetry came about. It has always been my desire to speak in photos and paint with words. I wanted the people while looking at my pictures, feel emotions and that what is seen long remain in their memory, they may also sustain busy - food for thought.
Live creativity is a fundamental pillar of my life - no matter in what form, whether it is the images out of my head that is placed on paper or other support materials or thoughts are that form into words and as a poem, or even, as obtain unique shape.

Do you remember the first painting you have done?

I painted my first picture as a child. That does not count, but it was the beginning of my vocation. The image which sprang from my own imagination, painted with oil paint on a support material, was a clown with a violin in his hand. I sold it because the paint was not yet dry.

Have you been inspired by someone or something?

My grandmother had a print by Albrecht Dürer, the "Dürrerhasen." The fine art by this artist attracted me. But I was actually inspired by my parents. We had small notepads with graph paper, on the journal I was allowed to paint. If my mother painted a poodle (it was the 60s (our dog, Susi was a relic of the 50s, which itself into the next decade was able to save and served as a template) or a woman's head - even the possessed curls, my father, garages or houses drew, I was happy.

What do you think about it, if they make a painting?

Ideas come to me in many different ways.
Either shoot me a creative idea through my head that I want to capture either as an image or as a poem, novel, on paper, what happens when I let my thoughts drift or dreaming. I mostly paper and pen lying next to my bed or there is already written excitation, and then this will be implemented pictorially. Or have I done written stories or poems that need to be illustrated?

Can say something about my art?

I have developed my own style, but feel obliged figurative art, experimenting with the techniques, try my own method to continuously improve. Motion and color are important to me, or when black-and-white drawings, the shades, but in all cases, everything should appear vivid as if taken from the midst of movement and immersed in my fantasy world.

What art corresponds to your style?

I do not know. I'm trying to own statement to convey through my paintings: Paul Klee, ink drawings Gustave Doré perhaps. I also like the old outline drawings from the Struwwelpeter. Outstanding work means to me are the pastels, pencil, and ink.

What are you working at the moment?

Indeed, it is now just been working on a new project. In autumn a new work by me appears. It is the first volume of two novels by me. The work will be presented at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2014 in Frankfurt and has the name "dragon crystal and primrose, Volume 1, subtitled" "mist in the wind." Volume 2 has received the subtitle "Wind in the Mist." The plant is in the range of imagination. More poems and illustrations will be published on Facebook and can be found on my website.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Review of Bedeviled Eggs

Bedeviled Eggs
A Cackleberry Club Mystery

Written by Laura Childs

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

I found this interesting covered book in the library, that I frequent. “Bedeviled Eggs” just struck me to be a strange name of a mystery novel. So I read the first chapter, took it home, and kept on reading.

Laura Childs makes it seem easy to write a story.  The prose just moves along smoothly. I, being an author, know it’s not an easy job to put together an intriguing novel this way. This book pleased me.

Suzanne, the protagonist, and her friends, Toni and Petra, run the Crackleberry Club breakfast and lunch restaurant in the small town of Kindred. Their place is the place to be, but not if your murdered going out the back door.

After this event, Suzanne takes it upon herself to help the Sheriff solve that, and additional crimes. In her snooping, as her boyfriend calls it, she becomes a valuable part of the crime solving. She comes close to paying the price for her involvement. She calls what she is doing investigating.

You call it potato, I call it pota’to. Whatever you call it. Suzanne in her own pleasant way has things happen to her. These happenstances make this novel an enjoyable read with little cruelty other than murder, which is a criminal act, as we all know.

Look into Laura Childs’ books if you like a good mystery: