Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Review of GOTU


Written by Mike McNeff

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

Crossing our borders, have been a controversial political problem from the union of these United States of America. What crosses those legal divisions are the contention of debate?

G O T U is a thrilling story of men who protect our rights to be a sovereign free nation, free from illegal drugs or human trade. Arizona is one of our states where the border has been violated numerous times.

Commanded by Police Sergeant Robin Mariette, a special operations unit is set up to protect the Arizona border from Mexican trafficking. They make a major bust on the USA side which upsets a Mexican kingpin who looks for revenge close to the unit’s home.

Legal actions are put in place just as the kingpin is about to get his payback. This puts Sergeant Mariette’s team into action that will have international complications. The results are overwhelming.

McNeff’s story is fast pace and can be read in one sitting. The characters are believable and well thought out. Although this is fiction, I felt like I was reading an accurate account of men who bravely protect our borders.

I feel we will be reading more of Mariette’s unit in the future. The ending left the door open for more action-packed adventures like this one. 

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