Thursday, May 28, 2015

Review of Round And Round

Round and Round
Written by Terry Tyler

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

 The choices one makes in one’s life will lead one in a direction one may not want to go. In Ms. Tyler’s novel Round and Round, her main character Sophie makes a life decision that sends her into what she considers to be a normal life.

Before making her decision, Sophie consults her best friend and her guarding angel aunt. The decision is made by her, and she moves on with what she feels is a safe one.

Waking up one morning, she feels unfulfilled and contemplates what would have happened if she made a different decision back then. Here is where her story comes alive in “What if” stories that have you believing that each is the real one and that what actually happened was false.

Ms. Tyler knowledge of human nature comes through in her writing. We have all at one time have looked back at our decisions and wondered if they were the right ones or not. She does her job in keeping your interest throughout.

It’s a fast read. Amazon:

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