Saturday, July 11, 2015

Kemp's Kids

The Man Who Makes the Clouds &
The Mermaid Who Makes the Seas

By Danny Kemp

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

I have read and studied both together because I felt it proper since they are books one and two in a children’s short story series. But they should be read separately because they are cute and straightforward to read to children with different lessons told. 

Fantasy is the background of Teddy and Tilly’s adventures so that a child’s imagination will be peaked with questions asked while you read them to your child. You’ll laugh the whole time and will have a hard time explaining the facts, according to Mr. Kemp’s characters.

The clouds and the ocean will not be the same after reading these two fun-filled short stories. If your child reads without you, you may be asked many questions that will seem odd – go with the flow and help your child use its imagination.

Many lessons are learned in these two tales. Photos are used to guide you along. Have fun. Check them out:

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  1. Thanks, Roy! I'm "over the moon" that you liked them.