Saturday, July 18, 2015

Review of Ten Days in Paradise

Ten Days in Paradise
By Linda Abbott

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

If you are looking for an intelligent novel about relationships, I recommend Ms. Abbott’s story of people meeting on the island of Sanibel. A place where the rich come together to play, off the west coast of Florida, USA, a man and woman go where they each thought they would never go – infidelity.

Each’s family dynamics are brought to light in this well-written dramatic portrayal of a love affair. All sides of that endeavor are delved in, indirectly by the family member and others, who have no idea of the events leading up to the coupling.

The man and the woman’s views are inwardly conflicted before and after their steamy night together. Each reaches out to others for the answers to their predicament. This is where the debate over what is really loving and what one should do about it.

The answer lies in the man’s mother and father’s 50 year anniversary that he and his family are celebrating, and events that surround the church the woman helps to save on her short vacation. Love is a commitment and is not a whim.

Ms. Abbott does a good job keeping the reader’s attention bringing people’s attitudes in at the right moment. The prose is non-complicate and easy to read.

A book to read on your next vacation:

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