Saturday, August 15, 2015

In Too Deep

In Too Deep, A New Zealand Second Chances Romance
Written by Tracey Alvarez

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

If you are like me, you like books that give you a different perspective of the mating ritual. New Zealand is a place I would like to venture to, and one of their islands is the center of this romantic novel. The way they mate is communal and somewhat frustrating because everyone knows each other.

The beautiful picturesque description of that country is the backdrop of a love affair between a National Police Woman Diver, Piper, who returns home to a small island tourism village, and her childhood sweetheart, a Free Diver named West. They both have conflicts, determining whether their love exists and how to sustain it considering their past performances.

As in all Romance novels, there are love scenes. But Ms. Alvarez has a knack for keeping you on edge, despondent that the couple cannot culminate the situation. This will maintain the reader involved to the end.

The dialogue is witty and somewhat intelligent if you don’t know the language. It’s English that you need to be acquainted with to get the full meaning of each encounter of the two mating and the community they grew up in.

However, Ms. Alvarez does an excellent job of bringing the story to a climax. I enjoyed the tit for tat of the New Zealand characters portrayed in this engaging novel that starts the Due South Series.

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