Sunday, September 13, 2015

Review of The Sun Thief

The Sun Thief (The Theran Chronicles)
By Stephen Jennison Smith

Reviewed by Roy Murry

Will history repeat itself in the future?  In some ways, it has in the present where the weak are controlled by the powerful.

Lizzie is taken from her world and put into slavery in another. Her journey is to get back home. Like Dorothy in the Oz, her home is only a portal away. Finding the way is a little more complicated for Lizzie. She can’t just click her heels.

Mr. Smith’s first book in a series is a little slow at the beginning because he is setting up the world as it is in this fiction with some present-day themes. It may be difficult for the reader to understand the fictional terrain, but it is worth the effort.

Lizzie’s adventure goes through lands with strange characters that are different. She is a learning curve that should lead her home.

Taking that journey with her leaves you in a conundrum. Will then end be the end? Stephen has let you hanging, wanting more, as a good first book in a series should do.

The prose is colorful and easy to follow after you connect the names. The storyline does draw you in.

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