Friday, January 1, 2016

Review of Run, Run, Runaway Bride

Run, Run, Runaway Bride

By Jacqueline Diamond

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

In this new year of 2016, we think of new beginnings by making our resolutions. Ms. Diamond’s protagonist Samantha is about to begin a new life with her betrothed, but starts running after the wedding ceremony ends in an unpredictable way.

Sam finds herself on the run from her short love affair and the betrothed is the one chasing. She lands in a hotel development city where she looks for refuse, but finds more than she wanted – stability.

Again, Sam is planning on running from the situation she has fallen into, but she has found feelings within herself she never felt before. As one who has no family, she is now running from those feelings by joining a cruise line as her promising future.

On this journey, Samantha finds contentment in friendships, the people of the community and a particular man, who stimulates her in more ways than one. These sensibilities become conflicting with her adventuring DNA attitude.

In coming to her resolve, the experience is overwhelming. Throughout the read of this romantic comedy, you laugh, cry, and cheer on the events to their end. Sam’s adventure ends is a surprisingly unconventional one, which you will reveal in, if you love the Romantic genre.

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