Sunday, January 10, 2016

Review of Sticks and Stones and Broken Bones

What a Charmed Life I Lead

Written by Linda Lee King

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

‘What a life,’ Ms. King has had, can only be defined as chaotic. In stating that she is not an educated writer, this author proceeds to tell the reader of her confused existence.

From early remembering, the story is told, not shown, through an interesting dynamic – explaining her dysfunctions’ as a child through the age of fifty-four. Those mishaps were fueled by family DNA, as she informs us in the last chapters is confusing in itself.

Historically, this life adventure is a rollercoaster ride from the ’60s through 2009, where she receives an awakening, “It’s not where you start out, Linda, but where you end.” It wasn’t the PTSD, which she was affected with; it was how that psychological the defect was not treated that led her to her confused states.

Now partially treated, Ms. King’s paranormal self tells us how most of the world is in a traumatic state. I give her that. But her decision processing was not totally controlled by others – she had a free will that she did not use effectively throughout her life.

The story was told from a homegrown educational coherent point of view. Well-structured with some uneducated grammatical and punctuation errors, the prose keeps the reader engaged.

If this is “The Book,” that she states she was writing all her life, I believe Ms. King’s endeavor is complete. What next?

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