Sunday, February 7, 2016

Review of The Delphi Chronicle


Russell Blake

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

There are conspiracies and people’s paranoia which leads them to think a conspiracy has accrued. In Mr. Blake’s DELPHI CHRONICLE, one is to believe that a manuscript has the answer to the government’s control of the global criminal activity.

No names are named, and the reality of the disclosure of the full documents of that movement is in question. However, essential elements are eliminating all who have come in contact with the Chronicle.

Mr. Blake’s protagonist is out of town, so to speak, avoiding confronting the situation head-on. He is trying to preserve his position, thereby getting to the root of the dilemma before him.

In the excerpt of THE MANUSCRIPT, you can understand why Mr. Blake is a best-selling author. Include in this book, are extracted from other novels: King of Swords and Geronimo Beach.

I can say that Mr. Blake’s writing is a thrilling motion. However, this "Come on" is good but left me hanging and if cared to find out the end, I would need to buy another book. It's a good promo gimmick. I recommend you purchase the novel which I believe might if I can remember to put it on my read list.


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