Sunday, June 5, 2016

Review of Protected by the Falcon

Protected By The Falcon
The Ancestor’s Secrets series
Book 1
Written by Erika M. Szabo

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

The world we live in has an undercurrent that is visible but invisible at the same time. Ethnic mores and mysteries are abounding within diverse communities in America.

Ms. Szabo brings to light in her novel the beliefs of the natives of Hungary, known as the Huns, who live in America today. Ingrained in their ethnic background for centuries are mysteries her main character Ilona tries to unravel.

As a doctor, Ilona has a special gift she and her community believe is birth given that only the chosen attain. This gift leads her and her closest friends and family into a whirlwind, initiated by a mystic with a strange power that desires her ill will.

The story leads you into an incredible world of control and conflict over rules that may or may not be applicable in today’s lifestyle. It is a fun, interesting comparison that woven into the past and present.

Ms. Szabo’s writing style is easy to read and flows smoothly. She keeps you mesmerized with colorful words, paragraphs, and characters.

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