Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Review of The Fencing Master's Daughter

The Fencing Master’s Daughter

Giselle Marks

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

The 1800s, in Europe, the Napoleonic Wars dominated world attention, especially in London. History has told us that the English and the French always had problems getting together on many issues.

An interesting conspiracy highlights the "Backdrop" of Ms. Marks's interesting romance story between an Englishman and Frenchwoman. Both of these main characters have their history that complicates the situation.

Her beauty and his stature are woven into a conflict that preceded their traumatic meeting in the streets of London, which comes to the forefront later. Her history in France as a child and his present-day heritage conflicts are the dynamic forces driving this fast-paced adventure.

The colorful languages of both countries during the period are used in the appropriate places making the novel seemed plausible. The characters became flesh and blood, and you can feel their sentiments through Ms. Marks’ words.

I’ll be reading another of Giselle’s novels soon.  

Sunday, August 28, 2016


Angela B. Mortimer

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

In many religions, Gods exist that the followers believe will protect them from all kinds of atrocities. FLAWED GODS, a science fiction space opera, gives the reader different levels of deities with superhuman powers, each looking for answers to why they exist.

The main character Doella has powers that many of our well-known superheroes would love to have. However, the ability she uses most is her sexuality on earth and other worlds that she travels, manipulating situations to her advantage.

Her strengths lead her and her compatriots, some of which are her lovers, into a position of deflecting a universal conflict between odd-shaped creatures, including dragons that can shape change into humanoids. The war, with Doella’s help, can be alleviated, is directed by another God like group inspiring Doella into that position.

The ending will inspire the reader to want to read on in the series, as it has for me. A new day is arising in Doella’s life and the universe she lives.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Review of Shit Politicians Say:

Sh*t Politicians Say:


Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

Just this last year after many years of being apolitical, I looked, studied, and journalized my thoughts. From this evaluation, I wrote my white paperSixty Days To the End of The USA As We Know IT’; and during that time I read Jesse’s book.

In my published white paper, I used a few of his book’s quotes. I did this because they were within the scope of it.

Jesse’s SHIT POLITICIANS SAY is funny and informative. If you are interested in politics, this is a book to enjoy and use when in conversations with friends and families today.

Most of the quotes are forgotten but still apply to the present day’s elections in the USA. It seems that what goes around does come around again.

Example: “In America, you have a right to be stupid…” part of a John Kerry quote as secretary of state on his first trip in 2013. Can you believe it? It’s true he said it.

You’ll have to read this fascinating collection, which includes quotes from Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and presidents back to John Adams.

And, who can forget Bill Clinton’s …it depends on how you define is, is?


Review of Regenerate

Regenerate: A SGT Major Crane Thriller

Wendy Cartmell

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

Police work can sometimes be very boring and tedious.  Ms. Cartmell’s story of SGT Major 

Crane’s detective police investigation comes alive and fills in the boring and tedious part with character development.

In this episode of Crane’s career, women and devotion to their man’s military existence are the centers of this novel. Also, there is a drug deal in the making.

The psychology, the hardships, and their love of two military wives’ stories are compelling and heartbreaking. Crane and the local police try to understand what is going on when one of the women leaves a bundle at the church's door.

Then other events move their primary drug deal investigation into a conundrum that slows down putting the dealers in jail. Those events are surprising and will keep the reader moving the pages.

The story is fast pace and gives the reader a good look into how the UK’s military functions on wives of soldiers. It is eye-opening and enjoyable read.


Sunday, August 14, 2016

60 Days


Sixty Days To the
End of the USA
As We Know

A Psychological Warfare Interpretation
Of 2016 Primaries

                                                                                                 ©roylmurry 8/14/16

     I am going to give you a little insight as to where I am coming from, before explaining my opinions of the United States' Presidential Election of 2016, using a journal format.
     I am a novice at political endeavors, so my vocabulary will be non-political. I will try to be informative, sometimes funny, and as evenhanded as my personal bias will allow me to be.
     Having never participated in the election process nor ever supporting any candidate for president, I voted only in the general election. As an independent or non-declared party member, I could not vote in the primaries. When voting in the general election, I flipped a coin – heads Republican tails Democrat and then voted based on the result.
     The process worked for me because I believed it didn't matter since to me all politicians were liars, who spouted platitudes that in the end never came to fruition. The other reason was the Congress was packed with these same types of politicians from other States, who were so diverse, that they couldn't agree on most things important to the country. 
     This time around I am looking at the Presidential primaries in a different way.  Using my training in psychological warfare, I will evaluate the primary elections through a different magnifying glass.
     Having graduated from John F. Kennedy Psychological Warfare Center, Fort Bragg, North Carolina, while serving in the US Army, I became one of our military's finest – a Green Beret in 1969. My MOS, Military Occupational Specialty, was 11F25VS or Infantry Operations and Intelligence Specialist.
     In Vietnam, I worked for the last nine months at 5th Special Forces Group, Headquarters, Nha Trang. What I did my first four months in the country can only be described as super psychological warfare – top secret. I dropped my dog tags and went on a mission.
    For my service to my country, I received a Bronze Star for Meritorious Achievement in intelligence work by setting up operations that psychologically affected the enemy. I am not going into detail because we lost that endeavor, but because I don't feel comfortable telling you what we did. The enemy did worse than what we attempted or completed, and they were victorious.
     The lessons we learn when we are young and having lived through war tend to stay with us. In my case, the study of operations and intelligence about psychological warfare became part of my mental fiber. Those techniques I have used thought-out my life. I graduated from college after Nam; working for my local government of Lowell, Massachusetts for a short period; becoming involved in a major crime, and later put on the witness protection program because of my choice, and participating on many levels of international business before I retired.
     I will write in my journals what I think about the Presidential candidates' actions, using what I believe are the turning points in the primaries from a psychological warfare point of view. My opinions will not be pretty and will offend many on both sides of the aisle. However, I will try to be fair.
     I have been sitting here in our home/office for the last two month's working and watching the political repartees on CNN TV of those who want to rule the United States of American as President. It's not my normal behavior, but I share the office with my friend and supervisor, who love politics.
     I prefer to listen to soft music while performing my job as social media director of a non-profit. I won't name her or give her opinion because these are my words, ideas, and interpretation of the events surrounding an important part of our history.
     I am a US Citizen, living in the State of Florida. My supervisor is also;, and we conversed about the ongoings of the Republicans and Democrats. Her words and opinions will not use in this journal.

     Here we go…   Buy for $ 0.99

Wednesday, August 10, 2016



Zee Monodee and Natalie G. Owens

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

Vampires, wares, and all other combinations of same a is the backbone of this fast-paced novel that leans towards being a novella but is book one in a series. The characters are developed; and when you come to the end of this book’s story, the reader will care to know what will happen in their lives.

The power over the current world situation in the conflict between non-human factions is interesting and intriguing. The plot is well put together, leading to the validation of the unique mystic beings roaming the earth.

Vampires etc. are not my genre, but I found myself fascinated by the diversity of the paranormal character’s background, which seems unlikely but help the flow of the prose. Those who enjoy this genre will be pleased and continue reading the series.

I was just dabbling and enjoyed the diversion. Recommend for non-dabblers.