Sunday, August 28, 2016


Angela B. Mortimer

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

In many religions, Gods exist that the followers believe will protect them from all kinds of atrocities. FLAWED GODS, a science fiction space opera, gives the reader different levels of deities with superhuman powers, each looking for answers to why they exist.

The main character Doella has powers that many of our well-known superheroes would love to have. However, the ability she uses most is her sexuality on earth and other worlds that she travels, manipulating situations to her advantage.

Her strengths lead her and her compatriots, some of which are her lovers, into a position of deflecting a universal conflict between odd-shaped creatures, including dragons that can shape change into humanoids. The war, with Doella’s help, can be alleviated, is directed by another God like group inspiring Doella into that position.

The ending will inspire the reader to want to read on in the series, as it has for me. A new day is arising in Doella’s life and the universe she lives in.

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