Thursday, October 6, 2016

Review - Out of a Dream

Out of a Dream
Sandy Cover Series - Book One.

Rosemary Hines

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

Faith doesn't come easy. Michelle Baron from Sandy Cove, Oregon, USA is looking for "Self." You may have done that yourself. I did my searching also, but this is not about me.

Michelle's grandparents are devoted Christians; her parents are the individualist, mostly her father - a rock of a man; and she and her newlywed husband have yet to find their way.  Steve, a lawyer, is into the facts of life.

They have moved away from her family who lives in California so that Steve can fill a lucrative position. Twenty-one year old Michelle has time
on her hands, waiting for teaching college to begin.

The plot thickens: She walks into a bookstore and walks out with New Age material; an appoint to learn about herself in group sessions with a man who becomes infatuated with her; Steve discovers the Bible, and her father disappears.

Michelle's marriage, father and family wages war with the realities of their lives and who or what to put their faith. Everyones' mental battles are the centerpiece of the story.

Ms. Hine's characters are well defined, and it will be interesting to see where the family's story goes in Book Two. The novel did not overly profess the Christian faith but left you wondering if that faith is the way.

I enjoyed it with some tears for and screams at Michelle.

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