Sunday, February 25, 2018

Review of ONE WAY

A Sam Archer Thriller #5


Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

Mr. Barber's series keeps me coming back for more because his novels of Sam Archer's adventures are always fast-paced. This thriller is no exception and stands alone as a complete story.  I read this one in two sittings.

Sam jumps into a situation where there is only one way out, and a group of professional operatives wants the few people with him dead. The large building they are hiding in is invaded from below and above by well-equipped persons chasing them.

There is no way out, and the army of police in the street below is being been kept at bay. Sam and a team of US Marshals protect their witness whom they believe the criminals want dead. 

The team gets cut down to Sam and a lady Marshal who fight through critical events the average trained person could not endure. They work together perfectly avoiding some disasters. 

Well prepared, the criminals center on their prey to an explosive ending that only a few will survive. The way out is the roof. Who makes it out is a gripping event to read, but start at the beginning and you'll be thrilled to the end.

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