Sunday, March 4, 2018

Review of Going Home



Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

Going Home is a story of love lost to a tragedy, Lewis Evans wife Sally dies. Lewis is a prominent author who stops writing after the event and goes into a mental meltdown.

He receives aid from an unlikely spirit, another famous author, who turns Lewis' world upside down and around. Lewis' conversations with the spirit of his wife and this author relate to evaluating love, life, and death.

The in-depth analysis, colloquies of Lewis, the stories of the phantom author, and Sally's edging-on familiar words are the backbone of this engaging discourse of why we are here on earth. Will Lewis' pain of living without Sally on earth or the pain of death take over his being?

The story as I have mentioned above seems deep in content. It is, and the prose is at times mind wrenching and at others somewhat comical. Life and death are celebrated in many ways in this Blevins' novel.

If you are looking for a lovely story about a love lost and the informal interchange of thoughts, you will enjoy this presentation of life.

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