Sunday, July 29, 2018

Review of Catherine and the Wind

Catherine and the Wind
A Meredith Series Sequel

Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

Catherine, a somewhat recluse who is a Chocolatier, meets Wes, who at one time was Meredith's lover but she is happily married to Nick. Each of their families knows each other for various reasons, but distance keeps them from daily communication.

Wes, an up and coming lawyer in the community, goes to dinner with beautiful and quirky Catherine, who enjoys things 1930 vintage and Brahms. She is delightful and pikes his interest - one, two, three - marriage and a baby.

She fits him, not like Meredith, according to Wes' mother. The only problem is Wes is hiding something in his heart.

This story is a complicated one, well-written novella ready for the small screen. I will cut to the chase. Wes does know what he wants in a woman, and the ladies of the family know best. It takes Wes to go through a deadly event to realize what he has is best.

CATHERINE and the WIND is a pleasant long read into the way people interface and the way Catherine overcomes her battle with a little know mental affliction. Meredith, on the other hand, is an active player who overcomes family adversities.

If they don't meet again in the second book in this series, it is a crime. I enjoyed the tit for tat.

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