Sunday, October 28, 2018




Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

A face-pace thriller where every chapter hooks you into another. The lead character ACTION says it ALL.

A global cult believes that their artifact is a powerful object and can control the fate of the world. Professor Action and his group of architecture students find a fact similar or the real thing in a Peruvian excavation dig.

There is a leak of the find, and all hell breaks out.  A battle by an influential ex-cult member begins to retrieve the object that placed together with others can change the world or destroy it.

In the middle of the war are Action, the cult, a powerful nation, and the English police department.  All the best firepower is used to retrieve the object of one man's desire rule the world.

This Thriller was well thought out and smoothly put together keeping the reader on edge. Read in two sittings, and I could not put the Kindle book down.

I get back to another Kennedy book later.

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