Sunday, January 20, 2019

Review of 1984

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Review by Roy Murry, Author

English novelist Orwell's dystopian novel published as Nineteen Eighty-Four, 1984, in the year 1949. I first read the book in college as a project for my Literature course in 1973.

I decided to reread the Orwellian future to compare his account with the existing world order. Orwellian actions are used various times when uneducated talking heads on the TV refer to activities by some countries' leaders or their attempts at control outside the norm.

In many respects, Orwell was not far off the mark when one looks at the world as a whole. However, the fact is the world is getting better and not as controlling as he advised would happen - the whole surface of the earth is not conquered, and Big Brother is not watching you, at least not all the time. LOL

You'll need to read the story he tells of one who lived in a system where a country controlled his life completely. Today, some elites are trying to control humanity, but people are not stupid and are pushing back.

Read Orwell's account, and you will see what happens when there is no push back and independent-minded people. A time when a few people controlled your mind and physical being.

It's a long, dull, but fascinating discourse that will help the reader understand the current world situation.

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