Sunday, February 17, 2019

Review of the House of York



Review by Roy Murry, Author

Wealth and power are strange bedfellows. They either make you happy or destroy you, but a strong family that has it must go on to preserve the core whether misused or not.

Ms. Tyler, again, has brought to light in a well-written dramatic form the trials and tribulations of a wealthy family in present-day England using characters of its past. Englishmen may recognize the names, but the story is new.

In each chapter, a character gives you an update on family members as the novel progresses to the point that the real evil one is uncovered. Power is the driving force to control the family's corporate wealth that starts in one Century's values and ends with a surprising twist of the Next’s values.

The story is chock-full of love, hate, self-evaluation, grief, and bewilderment. This novel doesn't let the reader down in highs and lows.

At the end of reading "Everything was going to be fine... Wasn't it?", the reader will want more to know about THE HOUSE OF YORK, as I do.          

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