Sunday, April 28, 2019


The Mound Builders, book 1


Review by Roy Murry, Author

Ms. Saadia's native American series are enjoyable because she puts in extensive research into them. You can tell by the way the history into the prose is not opaque, but gently hidden in the native's conversations.

With little written history, she grabs the reader into a plausible story that of a great tribe along the Ohio River. That tribe consumes the goods of smaller tribes on that tributary and using those men as builders of the Mounds - large buildings.

This story begins with the Tribute Collector and his niece. He is out collecting what the Royal Sun tribe demands of the lesser ones using force if need be. His niece moves up the royal ladder.

The collector brings back a strong-headed young man, who has proved his capabilities in killing and is to pay his penalty for that act. After a bloody battle to please the ruler, the young man meets the young niece by happenstance. You need to read book two to see if that story continues, as I may. 

Ms. Saadia story is compelling with an event that changed the world in 1205, according to some historians. That event overshadows the juncture of the two young people meeting and the way the Royals’ conflict with each other over it. 

This novel is well written and fast-paced - one seating read.

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