Sunday, October 6, 2019

Review of LORA LEE



Review by Roy Murry, Author

I am not interested in ghosts per se, but this novel caught my eye and am glad I opened the book. Not believing in ghosts, the hairs on my arms spiked when reading this story about spirits haunting a house.

PJ WEBB's tale keeps the reading engaged weirdly.  I kept turning the page, waiting for the next encounter between LORA LEE and the house's mysterious ghostly inhabitants with two romance story backdrops.

The author has you believing the world of spirits are left on earth until a mission is complete or some event releases them to the other side - where ever that is? A believer of ghosts will be thrilled; a non-believer will laugh out loud. I laughed out loud.

The prose kept me wanting more of her ghostly adventures. I may just come back for more.

This novel is a good read for this Halloween season. Also, PJ WEBB's writing is enjoyable to the end hooking you into book two. If you are into ghosts, you will buy it with a click at the end of LORA LEE.


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