Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Review of The Irish Cottage

Finding Elizabeth


Review by Author Roy Murry

Elizabeth, a persuasive, successful litigator's surrogate mother, dies, and Beth, as she is known, goes to Ireland to contemplate her future. She takes seven letters from that mother to read on her journey.

She meets Connor, and with the reading of those letters and fate, their involvement goes up each level after an instructive template of life. Each person has their psychological baggage to overcome the love affair.

Connor's friends are amazed at his change; Connor is overcome at Beth's transformation from the first day they met.  Both adults mend together physically and emotionally to the edge of saying, 
'I love you.'  

The ending of this journey is uplifting and will leave the reader wanting more when Beth leaves for London to full fill a quest, and Connor goes on an extended business trip.  I believe they will meet again in The London Flat, book two. I could be wrong, but...

Book one is an excellent hook into book two. You'll love it.

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