Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Review of Caliphate Ave.

Caliphate Ave.
Leilani Graceffa

Review by Author Roy Murry

I have no idea why this story is titled Caliphate Ave. I have read it twice, and the story is compelling but has nothing relating to the Muslim caliphate.

I like reading well written short stories every once in a while. This gripping description of debauchery leads the reader into a discussion about someone we know, maybe a pedophile. When something affects one’s family, we take action.

Bradley's young sister finds a USB, and she thinks it's a bug; the story begins. What is on the unit is shocking; he does not identify any faces until it's too late and does not convey his findings to anyone.

His sister is ecstatic; she is going to meet her idle. Bradley has agreed to take her to the event before seeing the complete video events of disgusting endeavors with a face he recognizes.

The idles face is in the USB's videos. He takes her to the event. What happens next will surprise the reader.

Friday, April 24, 2020



Sean Cannell & Benji Travis

To get around, this guide into that world is full of tidbits that will help a newbie YouTubers start in the right direction. I am a newbie, at 72 years old today, and learned a great deal.

The directions I received help me find ideas I will use in the future. I did not need their pep talk because I was already motivated and produced forty-three videos as of this review. Also, I love the concept of those videos - helping people decide on purchasing a book by giving them a proper book review.

This book includes biographic material that explains their reasoning one should use a concept. These concepts should help reach one's goals as a Youtuber if they use them.

Many of the concepts in this book will help a newbie. However, I recommend watching Sean and Benji's videos to expand on them.

Not a complete understanding of YouTube success, the ideas within are the basis to start vlogging. And one must start somewhere.

The writing is easy to read and follow, but not for seasoned YouTubers. The authors' ideas are not difficult to understand, but just the beginning.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020


A Cass Leary Legal Thriller


Review by Author Roy Murry

Not Perry Mason, but Cass Leary has her act together. She is a litigator who gets the job done.

Cass returns to her home town, taking on a murder case of a sports icon. The criminal is a nineteen-year petite young lady who is half the size of the murder victim, who is a six-three-foot, high school basketball coach.

Slut is just one of the names of the teen who is going through an emotional rollercoaster ride.  She believes another did the deed; she is a victim of sexual assault; she confesses to the murder.

Cass Leary must overcome these factors and her emotional baggage, family troubles, and historical background in the big city she practiced law to defend a young girl she believes is innocent.

With the whole town against her and the client, the dramatic trial begins with no hope in sight - the slut is guilty. The verdict goes to the jury, and then a wrench is put in the case's process, which erupts into chaos.

The story layout is well-defined with highs and lows, twists and turns, and an ending that will leave the reader wanting more. The author reveals Cass's next case at the end of this one, and it looks like another page-turner.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Review of Legally Yours

Spitfire Trilogy, Book 1


Review by Author Murry

Ms. French's novel is an entangled romance between (Spitfire) redhead Skylar and billionaire Brandon. The way they meet is unusual and embarrassing for Skylar and comfort to Brandon's eyes - he is smitten.

From that moment on, he tries his best to show his caring for her but makes classic errors. At each turn, she lays into him with verbal spitfire.

However, makeup-sex is so good that it keeps the relationship going until the L-word is said. That changes with the appearance of another woman.

He explains, and they are at it again sexually. Then another hurdle is written in a legal contract that is Skylar's last straw - it's over.

This relationship is a rollercoaster ride with sex in the highs and depression for both in the lows. At the end of book #1, Ms. French does her job - she hooks the reader into book #2 with a life-changing event on Skylar's graduation date from Harvard Law School. 

Well written. Free:

Saturday, April 11, 2020



Thomas Sowell

Review by Author Roy Murry

Most of my friends and followers will not purchase this book, but they should if they have an inquisitive mind and willing to pay for it.
I & S is a textbook stylebook about how much of the intelligentsia affected history.

The Intellectual Elite pushed their agendas on society because they believed their ideas were correct, and everyone else was not. Mr. Sowell goes back into USA history and explains the impact of these ideas that confused society, moving it many times in the wrong direction, i.e., the Vietnam war and conflicts prior.

His dissertation explains many intellectual theories, concepts, and thoughts that became groupthink, many of which do not work in our society today. These ideas are throwbacks of another era that did not work then.

Explaining Karl Marx's intellectual elaboration misconceptions vs. Adam Smith's economic theories, Mr. Sowell boils it down to Intellectuals produce ideas, not results as an engineer will. If the engineer messes up, the bridge will fall. However, the intellectual will not pay the price for his errors.

I will leave you with this quote from the introduction of Intellectuals and Society: INTELLIGENCE MINUS JUDGEMENT EQUALS INTELLECT.
There is so much in this book; it is a challenge to write a review of all Mr. Thomas Sowell's ideas.

The read is easy to follow. However, the reader must put on a thinking cap.

I will leave it there for now. My Live-stream video on the subject reveals more. Video at Author Roy Murry (No 'a' in name.)

Friday, April 3, 2020


           A VEIL REMOVED
A Henrietta and Inspector Howard Novel

Review by Author Roy Murry

Henrietta and Howard return from their honeymoon because of the death of Howard's father, the patriarch of a wealthy Clive family. No one believes his death was other than an accident.

"A Veil Removed' is book four in a five-novel series. Therefore, I have no idea how Henrietta and Howard meet. However, the author gives the reader hints as to the two different worlds from which they came.

Elsie, Henrietta's sister, love involvements, schooling, and social life, take center stage to the mystery of Howard's father's death and the mob business that led to it. But, when H and H get down to investigating, the plot thickens.

The 1930s background, and how wealthy people lived then added to the novel's distinct and colorful language brought the characters alive. Boy, life has changed since then.

The writing is fashionable to the time, which gives the reader a laugh once in a while. The story, however, lacks the mystery I usually enjoy - my fault.

I should have started with book one in the series. From the author's description of Henrietta and Howard, in this book, I believe the mysteries they solved in the novels one through four are worthy.

I will buy book one in the series, as should you.

Book 1: A Girl Like You