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Written by Author L. Leander

Reviewed by R. Murry

We all wanted to run away to join the circus at one time or another – to follow our dream.  It is a difficult decision that few, who are not happy with their present situation, take.  Ms. Leander’s character makes that choice that affects those around her and her farming family forever.

She leaves her mountain hard working family, without telling a soul, and joins the Romanoff gypsy family circus for the mesmerizing adventure of being a headliner – an elephant rider.  The author contrasts the two lives of the young lady, soon to be woman, throughout this novel.  Both are hardworking endeavors. 

However, Bertha, now INZARED, proclaimed by the gypsy ring leader, finds out what many of us never have - work is not work, when you love what you’re doing.  Inzared trains and performs as only a gypsy could, to the applause of her new family and the audiences she and her elephant’s act hypnotizes.  She is a natural on top of a pachyderm.

There is a love story here to the point of pleasant boredom, but it works all in all.  Paytre, owner of the elephant Cecil, falls in love with Inzared; they marry; have a child; and buy the red wagon they always wanted.  Ms. Leander does a much better job at romance than I do.  She details the love affair with cute prose, including the Cecil – Inzared love affair.

Lurking in the background is a spoiler, who disrupts the function of the circus. These upsetting distractions are brought to a conclusion in the last act with an event that literally brings down the Big Top.

This is a read for Romance and Circus’ lovers.  And we all like to laugh and cry.  Ms. Linda Leander does the deed.

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