Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Assassin's Village

The Assassin's Village
Author Faith Mortimer

Review by R. Murry

Ms. Mortimer’s novel starts you off with a zinger that holds your attention until the last ‘t’ is crossed and the last ‘i’ is dotted in the final chapter.  And even then, you’re not certain as to if the mystery is solved.  Agatha Christie novels kept me on the edge, as this well written “Who done it?” tale.  A little Macbeth is appropriately used as the “Lead in” on each chapter.  Who could ask for anything more?   Well, this mystery makes you think – Is it him?  Or, is it her?

Our sleuth, named Diana, is a foreigner living in a small village on the island of Cyprus where everyone knows everyone.  The reality is that the villagers don’t have a clue as to what their neighbors’ rumored backgrounds are.  They only surmise as to what is real or not. One relocated Englishman is murdered and everyone is suspect except the ones who were at the restaurant with Diana and her husband Steven – of course.

Diana, a writer, lists all that could have committed the crime.   Its Ms. Mortimer’s prose that paints a vivid character picture of these would be murders.  This is all portrayed in the colorful scenery of a beautiful island. It would seem that any of her finely developed characters on the list could have done the deed, because Leslie, the victim, has negatively commingled with many of them.

What is the instrument of the murder?  This is what the reader my pick up on, but I do not think that will happen until the end of this book. It’s when Diana learns the truth about one of the characters.  This is my kind of mystery – you think you know who did it, but you don’t until the end.

If you’re like me, this gem of a book will grab you and you will want to read another of Faith Mortimer’s novels.  See all links at end of her interview below:

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