Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Book of Souls

The Book Of Souls (An Imelda Stone Adventure)

The Book of Souls (An Imelda Stone Adventure)
Written by Mackenzie Brown

Reviewed by R. Murry

Imelda Stone’s adventure kept my attention for two reading sessions, which is a rarity.  I try to pace my reading to understand the flow of the story for a least three to four.  However, Mr. Brown’s prose captured me with writing that kept my attention.

Two akin souls, Imelda and Edward her father, venture into the world everyone dare not go into – the world of the unknown, where your spirit captures your imagination.

They are out to preserve each other’s souls, unlike that of conforming to that of human beliefs, and the concept of redemption for the world salvation – The Book of Souls.  In their endeavor they must traverse and enter into the unknown, using their moral and intuitive abilities to survive.

For me to explain all that is overcome by the two main characters, I would have to give away the plot.  All I will say is that Imelda with faith and love follows her father into the non-plausible by jumping into a well which represents the unknown.  She does this with such devoutness that she is able to recruit friends to help her fulfill her goal – bringing her father home safely.

Edward on the other hand has his purpose, which is to keep Janus, most likely the devil, from capturing The Book of Souls.  This would strike a negative blow to humanity – the devil having the control of the souls of the world. 

He recruits no other than Merlin, by happenstance, and a strong intelligent man by the name of Bek.  These two icons contribute to Edward’s effort is unintelligible, but effective to the cause. 

Imelda is the linchpin, who in the final act overcomes her fears and adversity to become one of the perfect souls in The Book of Souls by saving the day.  Her soul is what we all should try to attain.

A must read for soul searchers and lovers of overcoming the impossible.

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