Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Becoming Mona Lisa

Becoming Mona Lisa
      Written by Cat Holden Robinson

Reviewed by R. Murry

Developing characters is an art and takes time to bring them alive on the written page.  Ms. Robinson was able to bring alive her main protagonist Mona Lisa Siggs from the dead, figuratively speaking.  Mona and her husband Tom for years have drifted apart, loosing whatever connection they had when they courted and wed.

Here is where Holden Robinson begins a story that will have you crying and laughing at the same time.  The Siggs’ battle among themselves to return to the love they once had; they battle with Mother Nature; and they battle an antagonist who is out of his mind with loneliness.

After looking in the mirror, Mona makes a decision to get back her life that has been declining for years.  Living with a husband who she has lost verbal contact with, she probes him into active reaction by getting a makeover.  It works and the characters come out of their cocoons of living daily boring lives.

From here on in, this novel has you hoping for the best for this couple.  As they move into loving reconciliation, their relationship is hit with situations that are comical, heart breaking, life changing, and dramatic in nature.  The twists and turns will keep you reading, wanting to know what else could get in their way from getting back to that loving feeling they yearn for.

This romantic comedy will keep your eyes pegged to the page; and you may reminisce into how your relationship developed and flourished.   Ms. Robinson wrote a creditable story that one would believe that it really happened to the Siggs’ family.  Or, did this happen to you?

I know you romantics will love this read, as I did.  Publisher Black Rose Writing found another fine writer, as they did with me.  LOL!  Have a good read! 

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  1. What a wonderful review! It sounds like Cat did a great job. Off to purchase! Best wishes!