Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Animal Passions

Animal Passions
      Written by
Melody Snow Monroe

Reviewed by R. Murry

Lara, the main character in Ms. Monroe’s sizzling novel, tells a friend about what happened to her when she disappeared days ago.  She says, “I stumbled upon what is called an alignment point and landed in an alternate reality.”  I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard that phrase. 

“An alternate reality” is where Lara was according to this entertaining story of how she falls in love.  In that reality, her two male lovers are shape-shifters.  They shift from humans to lions, protecting their beloved Anterra. 

These men are the border patrollers.  That is how they come upon Lara at an alignment point, which comes and goes at will near the border.  At the time, they were battling their enemy the shape-shifters, the wolves, which often happens.

This paranormal shifter novel has all the right ingredients to keep the reader involved.  Ms. Monroe’s characters are well defined, and the story moves at a good pace until you hit the sex scenes, where the pace moves faster to the point of ecstasy for the characters and the reader.

Those encounters bring Lara closer to her partners than she wishes.  She wants to return to her reality – her friends, work as a movie star, and the pleasures of earth.  Only her lovers can return her to mother earth, on the other side of the alignment point. 

You’ll have to read the book for yourself to see if Lara’s true reality is arrived at.   I was going to use a corny phrase said by Lara near the end of the story, but it would be a give-away. 

I recommend this enjoyable read to those who like encounters by threesomes. Have ice cold water nearby to keep you cooled down during the read – it’s hot.

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  1. WOOOOOOOOOO!!! A threesome story for women??? You got me curious!!! I can't wait to read it!!!