Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ghosts & Lovers

Review of Ghosts & Lovers:
First Confession     
By Aneesa Price

Reviewer:  R. Murry

Having an active sexual lover makes for a happy camper in most cases.  Preferred lover is the one that you’re married to.  Ms. Price developed an interesting twist on that theme.

The physical acts of making love in Ghosts & Lovers are written so well I reread them twice and may look at them again in the future.  Her main character Simone is in need of that physical enjoyment.   It is found in her new home’s shower while her husband is working and pursuing other endeavors.  Sex is forced on her to the point of enjoyment until guilt and love for her husband overcomes the encounter.

That is all I can say without telling you who her new lover is and what the story entails.  The psychological involvement between the two voyagers into bliss comes across well with a climactic conclusion that the reader will enjoy.

Ms. Price construction of this novella is straight forward with no lapses that the reader would lose their attention. The story is quick moving and right to the point – which is more important: love of a good man or great sex through imaginary endeavors?  Simone answers that question.     

A quick read before bedding down with your lover is recommended.