Sunday, March 24, 2013

Seducing the Princess

Review of Seducing the Princess     
Written by Mary Hart Perry

Reviewed by R. Murry

Being the Baby, the youngest in the family of many, has its advantages and disadvantages.  Since I have never been in that position, I have no real understanding of how one copes being the youngest of nine.  Ms. Perry’s character Baby explains, in well-constructed prose, how one felt from a Victorian prospective.  It was heart breaking being the youngest daughter of Queen Victoria.

Beatrice, Bea or Baby for short, finds herself in a deserving position that she never thought would happen to her even though she is at the ripe old age of twenty seven.  She has a male suitor.  Most women of that era by eighteen knew about the birds and bees.  You know what I mean.  Bea was oblivious of the differences.

Here is where the fun in this romantic thriller begins – the seduction game a la Victorian Era. You must follow royal protocol or the Queen will chop off your head literally and or fugitively if you screw with her needs.  The queen is in control of her realm and her family.

Mary Hart Perry has done her research.  The era comes alive to the point that when Bea got so excited about her suitor Henry coming she accomplished her toilette in record time. Which is a nice way of saying it; you get the point.

Bea and Henry’s romance has many hurdles to traverse: her mother’s objections, of course, and another suitor of dubious background with an important family backer, who wants to conquer the world.  These interludes are well written and plausible given the historical events of the time.

You’ll have to read this enjoyable novel to see how this love affair comes to literally a cliff ending event that kept the interest of a non-Victorian like me.



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