Sunday, June 16, 2013

Review of Lallapaloosa

Lallapaloosa written by

Rags Daniels

Reviewed by R. Murry

What’s a Lallapaloosa, a prospective reader may ask?  According to a Bolivian guide it’s an inquisitive man who departs this world many times before he lives, metaphorically speaking that is or maybe it is by being drug induced on a native coca concoction into a trance of knowledge.

Richard Strang is a London private investigator and ex member/leader of a mercenary group that worked for El Che, Ernesto Guevara, in his unsuccessful Bolivian revolt.  That endeavor has come back to haunt him and the members of that aging group – they are being killed one by one thirty years after they fought for money not ideology.  Are the two connected?

This thrilling and intriguing adventure is brought together with witty dialogue of characters that complement each other.  Mr. Daniels, with his twist and turns, keeps the reader pegged to the page with his colorful prose that will have the reader laughing at times and wondering what might come next at others.

While his comrades are being murdered in Europe and he is trying to unlock the mystery of their demise, Mr. Strang, in his narrative, brings the reader back to where it all began in Bolivia and the El Che guerrilla warfare that failed. There are conflicts with the CIA, the KGB, and the Bolivian military.  These transitions are written in a way that the reader doesn't get lost in historic-isms.

This novel is a bit complex, but the adventurous reader will enjoy the fast pace of the narrative of the main character until the end when a bomb shell is dropped on the Lallapaloosa.  Will the adventure continue?

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  1. Great review! You really captivated me with it.