Sunday, August 4, 2013

Review of Something Great

Review of Something Great

Written by M. Clarke

Reviewed by R. Murry

Romantic stories are now geared to the young, because they are the only ones who fall in love?!  The one difference I see in Contemporary Romance vs. any other Romance novel is gadgets used to upscale the plot.  In Mary’s novel Something Great, that gadget is a Smart Phone, with people using texts to convey information.  I’m old school and don’t text. 

Mary has done an excellent job using this communication media to enhance the story of her two lover’s journey.  Using this new way to snappily deliver one’s thoughts brings different emotions into play which a face to face directness diffuses.  The author uses wisely the differences of those exchanges to develop the storytelling.

In M. Clarke’s version of a love story, there is playfulness, teasing, giggling, winking, and the old standby of kissing one’s lover in the place that drives them crazy.  Effortlessly she leads the reader on through a story made in heaven and we all know that when that happens, there is always the pit falls.

The main character armed with a family of three friends, who have a group text site to speed up communications between them, falls heads over heals for the perfect man, albeit some say he is a women magnet and has slept with many of them.  He, on the other hand, has emotions that he never had before, which impedes his directness.

Their affair is sometimes torrid but mostly cute and moves along smoothly.  He uses his position to show his affection and she uses her friends for advice to understand it.  M. Clarke does a fine job of writing an uncomplicated story that becomes complicated because of her intended character’s communication skill and style.

This novel is for the young and old romantics.  It resonates on all levels.  An enjoyable summer afternoon read