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Review of Someone Has To Pay

Review of Someone Has To Pay
      Written by Joe McCoubrey

Reviewed by R. Murry

Without prejudice, Mr. McCoubrey weaves a thriller that a non-follower of the events that led up to peace in the Isles of Ireland and Britain over separation can assimilate to.  That being the control over one’s own destiny and what one will pay for that freedom.  In this case, what will an Irishman pay for the right to be independent?

Joe McCoubrey, an Irishman, from the town of Downpatrick, writes a tale of a high level British operation that is used to propel the peace process forward by fending off the IRA’s activities that are on a different level and are supposed to have the same effect.

On each side of the divide, a champion has been picked - a man who gets the job done.  These agents had met once is part of this fast pace action drama and that fact is only known to them.  If and when these two meet again, is the secondary plot and is one of the reasons the British agent got involved.

As the main plot thickens, the general populous lives are disrupted with bombings, general killings, and assassinations.  Operational plans are made by both sides to capture political sympathy for their cause – separation or not.  When will the conflict end is not part of Joe’s novel, only hope.

Both sides converge at an unlikely place.  All havoc commences and the reader is on pins and needles awaiting the last shot to be made.  And that shot is made thrice in a lethal triangle shape leading to an ending the reader can live with after all the political postulating that follows.

Mr. Joe McCoubrey has put together plausible events in down to earth English we all can understand.  Those events could have helped lead both sides out of their turmoil.  I was convinced.  However, it was fiction.  Wasn’t it?

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