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Review of A Week In Hell

Review of A Week In Hell
(Champion City)
by J. Walt Layne

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

Since the passing of Ray Bradbury, June 6, 2012, the Dime Detective pulp fiction novelist, I hadn’t thought about that genre. He and others brought that 1940/50s genre to light. With the Oscar winning popularity of the 1994’s movie Pulp Fiction, many non-reads got a taste of that genre’s black comedy to their pleasure.

Genre readers can now find some relief in Layne’s A Week In Hell. His brooding melancholy rookie police officer Thurman Edward Dicke’s punchy dialogue keeps you waiting for the next swing of events. When Dicke says to Candi Apple Pink, a woman of interest, “I shoulda rousted ya,” you get the point.   

Not a hardboiled detective yet, Thurman finds himself in some action packed graphic violence all tied to his Apple Pink. He can’t get to the root of the matter, since she isn’t being square with him. He doesn’t confront her aggressively because of her brown doe-eyes, which he is a sucker for, amongst other parts of her frame.

I guess you get the scoop. Thurman goes through a few fires with Candi that lead to the truth. And, you won’t believe it when you read it. What this little beauty has gotten over on the wrong people.
Thurman will come to her aid - Maybe?

This tale moves along at a good pace and the reader won’t get lost in the dialog. What will happen? The reader will enjoy a read that will have them feeling for these two main characters, wishing they’ll connect on a non-professional level. But it’s A Week In Hell.  

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